Tuesday, February 8, 2011

All Big Gas and Oil a Big Mistake for New Mexico

Governor Martinez will have to face hard questions on the handling of first crisis in her new administration. Why was she not harder on the Gas Company of New Mexico from the very start of this crisis? Why after their total and complete lack of communication and their failure to plan correctly did she take their word that the problem would be fixed by last Sunday? Clearly this new governor has a lot to learn when it comes to dealing with large corporate interest and what they can deliver verses what they are willing to tell our state government.

Now, the question is will she see the need for our state to diversify when it comes to energy production? Will she stick with a policy of depending on gas and oil or will this change her views on how our state should provide energy to thousand that have been in the cold for over a week now? It is one thing to reject the science of global warming and a totally different issue to turn a blind eye to the fact that our state has all its eggs in one basket when it comes to how people heat their homes and businesses in this state. Will local businesses leaders demand a change in the future to protect their own interest?

Tao and the small cities up north in this state could turn to thermal energy by tapping into the volcanic energy that lies below their feet to heat homes and businesses. The energy produced by this method would be cleaner and much more reliable then natural gas from Texas. A garbage power planet just outside the City of Albuquerque could solve two problems at the same time. It could produce clean energy while doing away with the problem of waste disposal in this city.

We have two of the national labs in our state with leading scientist that could with a little encouragement provide a list of all the different ways our state could diversify its method of acquiring energy to heat our homes and businesses but will the governor even put the effort out to look at this issue and find answers to what could be a problems that just might lead to harm or even prove fatal to the elderly and the very young in this state.