Saturday, February 19, 2011

Give the Republicans a Balanced Budget at the Cost of the American People

Why fight it just let the republicans balance the budget on the backs of the American middle class and working poor. Let them do away with every single social program in this country. When young babies and mothers start turning up dead on city streets from starvation and exposure then maybe the people will rise up and take back control of our country. Let them do away with social security so that old people die from lack of food and shelter. Republicans know that without heat in the cold winters or cooling in the hot summers that old people will just die off and therefore there will be fewer voters at the polls for the next election.

Let the republicans do away with public education so that our country becomes the largest third world country in the world. When will people understand that without a good education our children have no hope of getting good jobs? Maybe we should just let them bring back children labor and do away with all labor laws so that they can pay them pennies on the dollar for their work.