Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Public Education in this state is failing so Fire them all

Governor Martinez wants to shake up the New Mexico educational system. Maybe she should just fire them all and make the system private. She could then do away with the unions just by having no members in it. She could do away with the ERB since there would be no members. She could reduce every teachers salary to entry level since they would have to apply to privately run schools. Just think how many taxpayer dollars she could save by doing away with public education in this state. Privately run schools could make huge profits without having to provide a system that does any better then the current one and they could add more top paid administration to the system. They could spend all the money on themselves and make taxpayers pay more just to bail them out.

Of course the down side is that no teacher with any ability would work in our state ever again. Teachers would receive not benefits so they would have to apply for public assistance just to support their families. Major companies would move jobs to other states where there is a public educational system because middle class families care about their children‘s education which would reduce the tax base. Teachers would pay less in taxes because their incomes would be smaller which would reduce state wide revenues. Crime would go up because poor people could not afford to educate their children after the private schools raise their prices so it would be the only way they could make a living. Lawyers would sue the crap out of the state for failing to educate the public so the state would have to payout lots more money defending themselves for those lawsuits. We would have to build more prisons to house those children as they grow up in our state without jobs so that would cost taxpayers lots more money. Producing more ciminials would ensure more people die in this state from violent crimes.

So clearly the way to go is to do away with public education and make it private so only the richest of our state’s children can afford it in the first place. I would not want to live in this state if public education goes private would you?