Monday, February 28, 2011

Superintendent Winston Brooks Hiding Unacceptable Cost from the Taxpayers

Even the Governor understands that the Superintendent of Albuquerque Public Schools has something to hide when it comes to his over the top administration expenses. He would cut classrooms first before cutting into his top paid administration. He would refuse to hand over the facts and figure of the budget to the public for fear of cuts to his mushroom style administration. Well Mr. Brooks the head on that thing has gotten far too heavy for the system to bear and now even republicans can see that it is time to cut at the top.

Governor Martinez would be wise to demand a full accounting of the facts and figures of the APS budget before she approves any budget cuts for that system. It would look very shady of her if she was to meet with the Superintendent and then change her tune about how the cuts are made to this school system. Without the public having more information on if the money is being spent wisely how can any taxpayer be comfortable when it comes to this issue. APS should be open to a full audit by the state auditor and they should be forced to put their checkbook on-line in a sunshine type portal so that the voters can see firsthand what our dollars are paying for in the first place.

Taxpayers should not be finding out from the local news that our school system is paying for high priced public relation employees when we cannot afford to provide teachers and teacher’s assistants for our children in the classrooms. One does have to wonder what other types of expenses Mr. Brooks is hiding in his budget.

With more accountability comes the responsibility for the government to start spending our school funding for the classrooms and not the boardroom. Our children need more classroom supplies and more teachers not more public relations representatives.