Sunday, February 27, 2011

Investment in Education / Are Legislators Drinking on the Job?

Ask any business leader in this country how do you increase the bottom line and make your company more successful . The answer will be invest in the company so that they can produce a better smarter more competitive produce in a effective manner. Yet when it comes to education states are deinvesting in the system. Only companies that are going bankrupt get ride of assets and pay their employees less while paying their administration more.

Is our nations educational system bankrupt? Have we failed to provide enough investment in the correct areas in order to grow our educational system? Will public education for all be a thing of the past due to corruption in top educational administration and the state legislature? Why is the top educational administration in this state being protected by state legislators while our children pay the price?

Top educational administration is out of control and their lobbyists are buying the drinks that feed our state legislators their breakfast. Maybe we should require state legislators to take a breath test before they can cast a vote on DWI and educational issues on the roundhouse floor or in committee for that matter.

Lets see if State Senators Tim Jennings and John A. Smith can pass that test before school children have to face passing exams with over crowded classrooms and fewer supplies. Our children do not need legislators who are drinking their dinners and breakfasts with the enemy.