Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Party Leadership the Best Defense is a Good Offense?

In the near future the Democratic Party of New Mexico will be electing a leader. Will they stay with Javier Gonzales or go with Sam Bregman?

What do we know about Javier Gonzales?

Javier is a quiet polite kind individual who has conservative democratic views. He works well with middle of the road democrats and people who have been well established in the democratic party of this state. He is a family man with a wife and children. He is a real life cowboy who loves his horses and loves ridding. His style is not in your face attacking but more working in the back ground to get things done. He will not tell the party which candidate is best for the job or who to pick. He would rather see the party work for all democrats rather than the chosen few. He would never dream of backing a candidate down on an issue in public or demanding a stand on any issue that affects our state. His is not the attack style of republican politics.

The negatives to this are that his style lacks fire and passion. You will never see him out on the campaign trail getting the crowds all fired up but he will stand behind the candidates on the platform giving his quiet support. He talks about issues but never gives his own personal option on hot button issues. The Republican Party has taken advantage of this by using his lack of forcefulness to define issues in our state.

So what do we know about Sam Bregman?

He is a lawyer with a long history. He has a reputation of being very good at his job. He has been known to be very loud and outspoken on issues so don’t look for him to allow anyone to define his issues better then he can in public. He now has a Facebook page where he is posting his views on some of the issues and republican leadership.

The negatives are not much more is known about his at this time. Nothing about his personal likes or dislikes. Not an easy man to get to know in person at first meetings since he tends to be guarded. He is kind of standoffish at first meetings. He is known to be loud on subjects that at times can be good and at times can be bad. He is a lawyer which leads us to believe that he does not know how to admit when he is wrong on a subject. Some lawyers in the past have proven to be nothing more than little tin dictators. We all know the prime example of that when it comes to the City of Albuquerque.

So the race for party leader should heat up in the next few weeks and maybe we will get to hear why one candidate deserves support over the other.