Sunday, March 20, 2011

Governor Martinez--Rich Republicans and Corporations more important than our children

Governor Susana Martinez will sign into law a budget bill this year that will balance the state budget on the backs of educational employees. Make no mistake this is a 3.25% plus across the board pay cut to every educational employee in this state no matter how low their income. The governor made no attempt to direct those cost toward overpaid educational administration. The governor appointed Heather Wilson, a person of questionable character, to select her administration. She came out fighting for highly emotional issues this legislative session in order to draw attention away from the main issues of education and jobs.

Martinez has protected the rich in this state at the expense of our children’s future education and the future of our educated workforce. Clearly this governor, a woman, has broken the promise of protecting our children above all else in order to protect rich corporations and rich republicans. When will we get a governor who cares more for our children and their future then the well being of special interest groups.

Martinez and her republicans have shown that they like high paid lobbyists and will protect them over and above our children. She has shown where she places her priority and they don’t include the health and safety of our children in this state. She has shown that she likes republicans of questionable character and more than likely has hired more that a few of them to run her current administration. She has shown no respect for the rule of law when dealing with how she makes changes in her administration. She is a former district attorney who clearly has no respect for the laws of this state when it comes to dealing fairly with the voting public in this state.

All of this seriously calls into questions her intentions and her own personal character of fighting for our children and our state. She either does not know what she is doing and is letting corrupt individuals take control of our state or she is one of them and has managed to hide that fact up until now.

She was clearly a liar when she said that she would not harm our educational system. Teacher who are paid lower sums cannot afford to put their own personal income toward the classroom. She has cut funding to the classroom by taking that money from teachers salaries. She knows that the top administration will also cut classroom supplies before they would reduce their own income and clearly she approves of this behavior since she has now made friends with those in the top educational administration. Clearly her administration is now as corrupt as that of the top paid educational administration in this state. One has to wonder what her price was to sell out to the top educational administration of this state...