Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Does the City Council Feel Safer?

The Albuquerque City Council and the Bernalillo County Commission spend $40,000 to build a bulletproof dais in its chambers. With murders and stabbings covering the local newspaper one does have to wonder about the mayor’s approach to fighting crime in this city. It would appear that even the city council does not feel safe in their own city hall otherwise why would they be spending large sums of money at a time like this to protect themselves from the general public.

Where is the republican lead tough on property crime police force when the city council or the residents of this city honestly need them? Oh that is right; they are all on central guns drawn arresting a thief for stealing copper. Or maybe they are out arresting prominent city lawyers. Clearly these are hardened criminals that deserve the most attention from our city police force. Makes you just feel oh so safe does it not? Shows just what a great safety director Darren White truly is…

The leaders of the police force are too busy investigating their own employees for comments made on-line to bother policing our city streets. Gangs are seeing the weakness and beginning to reemerge out of lack of fear of being arrested for committing violent crimes in our city. As long as they stay away from rich citizen’s property and copper then they are fee to commit any crime they want to in this city.

We need safety leadership that will stop mugging for the evening news cameras and start finding ways to prevent citizens from being mugged in their own homes or on our city streets. Property crime although a major source of crime in this city is not the only type of crime in a city this large. Which would you rather loss a car or your life? Why should any citizen in this city be forced to make that decision in the first place? Effective leadership would find a way to make our city safe for its citizens all the while protecting its property from real criminals who mean us serious physical harm.