Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Susana Martinez has lost her Ever Loving Mind

Of all the nutcases in the world to appoint to the Judicial Standards Commission how could anyone in their right mind appoint Darren White? Has someone in the governor’s office drugged that woman? Clearly our governor has no respect for the rule of law. She wants to turn the Judicial Standards Commission into a public joke.

Darren White is the man who cannot stay away from a TV camera if his life depended on it. He has shown no respect for the legal system in general, and has made comments to the local news sources that would cause any sane person to question his ability to be an unbiased voice when it comes to our judges. His own personal record has shown very poor judgment when it comes to ethical standards.

Martinez has crossed the line with this appointment and the State Supreme Court should demand that she remove that man for that commission at once. The only good thing about this whole issue is that the commission does not have final say over our judges. Thank god, the final say is left up to the State Supreme Court itself.