Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Supreme Court case is Wal-Mart Stores Inc v. Betty Dukes, No. 10-277

So will the U.S. Supreme Court side with women’s rights or large corporations in June? They will hear the case today of Wal-Mart Stores Inc v. Betty Dukes. We have seen a conservative court side with corporations far too often as of late. We know that at least one of the men of the U.S. Supreme Court would love to see women’s rights taken away since he has said that nowhere in the constitution does it state that women should be treated as equals. As he put it the founding fathers could not even have conceived in 1776 of women being treated as equals to men.

Yes, there are three women on the U.S. Supreme Court but they are outnumbered by five very conservative males at least one of which has shown that he is willing to engage in sex discrimination when it comes to female coworkers.

So, why must women put their faith in a court system which clearly sides with men and large corporations when it comes to equal treatment and equal pay? The fact is women in this country earn less pay for doing the same jobs as men. They are harassed in the workplace by men every day. Even one of the females on the U.S. Supreme Court has told women that it is best just to pretend to not hear sexual comments made by male coworkers if you desire to get ahead in this country.

How is this behavior a good example for our young women in this country? Why is it ok for men to stare at women and make unacceptable remarks during working hours just to intimate a female coworker? Why is it ok for women to make less money than men for doing the same job?

If the U.S. Supreme Court sides with this corporation which has a long history of abusing its employees then women in this country should no longer put their faith in the justice system to see that they are treated fairly as equals. We should fight back at the polls by putting women into power so as to see that no man ever is appointed to the U.S. Supreme Court until we can make the men in this country feel the same level of discrimination that women are forced to face every day of their lives in this country on the job.

It is our responsibility as parents to make sure that our daughters are given a workplace free of discrimination in any form in the future. At no point should any women in power tell our young women that they should turn a deaf ear to unacceptable speech or treatment in the workplace just in order to make $.77 to every $l a man makes who is doing the same job.