Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Let New Mexicans Manage New Mexican Businesses

The people who run the balloon fiesta in their infinite wisdom have hired an out of state management company by the name of Ovation Food Services. They also run the concessions for Isotopes Park. Why hire a management company from Florida?... Surely, there are good food management companies here in New Mexico that would be more reasonable with their management style. How is driving away locals a good use of open space in this city.

Small food vendors are pulling out because the price for a seat at the table is far too high. It is also unclear if there are any real benefits from the increase in cost to the vendors. For any remaining vendors the management company is looking at price fixing. Increased cost caused by a demand by this company will only result in higher prices for food at the balloon fiesta. It will also result in less local food being sold at the fiesta. This will be a sad loss for the residents of our city.

Local residents are saying that they will not attend because of the failure of the balloon fiesta management when it comes to taking into consideration the hardship on small vendors.

Will this become an event where increased prices drive the entire event into the red? What is a Fiesta like without the local people attending? Why are we not trying to decrease unemployment in this state by hiring locally? It is worth noting that larger local companies do not have the same problems with the 30% revenue sharing demand as do the smaller vendors. It looks like the voters are going to vote with their feet on this issue.

People wanting JR’s BBQ turkey legs will just have to attend the state fair this year or have their balloon watch party catered. The pueblos are looking at developing their own shopping center in the near future so maybe we will still be able to buy our Indian Taco. At which point, people can watch the mass ascension of balloons from local neighborhood parks as they enjoy eating the food of local vendors who cannot afford a seat at the table in the balloon fiesta park.