Friday, July 13, 2012

NMFA Scandal on Martinez’s Watch not Richardson's

The fake audit that was circulated by the New Mexico Finance Authority (NMFA) was not produced until six months after Governor Martinez took office. Martinez needs to stop blaming Bill Richardson for things that did not happen on his watch as governor. Richardson kept close watch over the NMFA while he was in office because he knew that it was the one government agency most prone to fraud.

It should be very interesting to find out why an agency controlled by Governor Martinez succeeds in producing and distributing a false document just six months after she took office. How many of the current board was appointed by Governor Martinez with the help of Heather Wilson? Was there any off the record emails between that agency and Governor Martinez? Was there any oversight by the current governor when it came to that government agency?

What was the controller trying to cover up with the false audit? Will the governor’s failure to keep a close eye on this government agency cause future problems and raise the cost of interest for capital projects?