Monday, July 30, 2012

Mitt (The Twit) Romney’s Trip Abroad

Presidential Candidate Mitt Romney would love voters to think that his statements in Israel and England were born out of stupidity but in truth, they are aimed at increasing gas prices in the United States.

We all know that when there is instability in the Middle East gas prices increase. What better way to increase instability than to encourage Israel to attack Iran. Why would someone supported by the gas and oil corporations wish to increase instability in the Middle East? The result will be that gas and oil corporations will reap more profits and the president will look bad in the eyes of the voters because of increased pump prices.

Mitt Romney is many things but a “Twit” is not one of them. He should be ashamed of his behavior. To put the interest of his own campaign and that of oil and gas corporations before the safety of American Troops and the American People is unspeakable.

The Middle East is a area where international diplomats have worked hard to maintain the peace in a sensitive and often difficult environment. Presidents have always treaded carefully when making remarks so as not to offend either side or unbalance the situation. Peace has always been the major objective when it comes to the region in question.