Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Congressman Martin Heinrich--Not a Wild Liberal by Anyone’s Standards

Heather Wilson would have New Mexican’s believe that Martin Heinrich is some kind of wild tax and spend liberal who thinks money grows on trees. The truth of the matter is Martin Heinrich is a middle of the road democrat. Over the last four years as a congressional representative, he has voted to protect New Mexicans and their jobs. He has also attempted to encourage legislation that would promote job growth in our state. He has gone out of his way to respect and protect tribal lands in our state.

When Heinrich first took office, he found that Wilson had neglected veterans to the point that it was shameful. Heinrich set out to fix the problems and to show veterans the respect they so richly deserved. Wilson had hid the truth of that neglect with lies and false information. Heinrich understands the value of moving our national labs forward because of the number of jobs they provide for our local economy.

The best term to describe Martin Heinrich is not wildly liberal but pragmatic. He looks carefully at issues and then makes the best decision for the New Mexicans he represents. When faced with the type of economic downturn brought on by mistakes made by Wilson and Bush no one could have ask for more.

Heather Wilson on the other hand has proven to side with fringe groups such as the Tea Party when it could help her campaign. She is the archetype of what is meant by extreme. Her views are often extreme right winged. Her voting record showed that she would never have dreamed of disagreeing with President George W. Bush on any major issue. She was the one that handpicked the people who failed when it came to correctly overseeing the NMFA in Santa Fe for Governor Martinez. Heather Wilson is known for corruption. We cannot afford to have Heather Wilson as a U.S. Senator.