Monday, August 6, 2012

Where is the Jobs Mayor Berry?

The City of Albuquerque in the month of May lost 2,300 jobs or .6 percent of our workforce. The mayor is not only failing to bring jobs to our city but now he is allowing the ones we have here to leave. Mayor Berry should be held accountable for these job losses.

Colorado, Arizona and Texas have all seen job grown in the month of May. We need a mayor who can bring jobs to the largest city in the state. Albuquerque never had problems with job growth while Martin Chavez was mayor.

So is it the mayor’s inability to keep our city safe from its own police force. Is it his lack of a real vision for a direction for our city? Is it his failure to support the film industry and green energy jobs? Is it his single-minded devotion to the rich and their property?

Some visitors are beginning to call The City of Albuquerque a ghost town. Travel down San Mateo and you will see a number of empty stores. Small business owners are usually women and we know how well the Republican Party supports women.

The governor is a women but she still finds no way to support women in this state. She has turned her back on the women of this state for back room deals with large money donors.

She has brought a white woman by the name of Hanna Skandera from Florida to run the school system statewide. We now have a grading system that even the experts do not understand. Skandera makes decisions without the support of educators in the classrooms. Any green fresh out of college executive understands that employee buy in is half the job when making changes.

How much longer can we afford the failures of the Republican Party and their elected officials in this state? We may well have to suffer another two years under these failed administrations in state government but we can send democrats to the state house to try to fix some of these problems.

We can also prevent this from happening again on a national level by sending democrats to the U.S. House of Representatives and the Senate.