Sunday, August 12, 2012

Paul Ryan too Extreme for Our Country

Just who is Paul Ryan? And exactly where does he stand on major issues that affect women in this country.

Women’s Concerns:

When it comes to Social Security which supports our parents, he would be no better than a gambler with their funds. The stock market is far to risky to count on for retirement funding. Every investment adviser will tell you not to invest money that you cannot afford to loss.

When it comes to our children: Ryan would cut financial aide to our children through reducing the Pell Grant. Not good! He would cut funding to teacher education at all levels. Seriously? He has no real view of how to fix the educational system in this country.

When it comes to healthcare, Ryan would hand us over to HMOs and private issuance companies. No one but the top two percent would be able to afford healthcare in this country if Ryan gets his way.

Ryan would tax us to death while eliminating taxes for himself, Romney, Major Corporations, and the top two percent of the richest Americans. Not the way to pay their fair share. Than again I have to wonder if either Ryan or Romney has paid taxes in the past.

Ryan would do away with environmental protections that could destroy the health of all Americans. He would want no restrains on corporations when it comes to pollution. We saw how well that went over in the Gulf Coast area. 

Ryan is a tea-partyer  but we do not want him partying with our money anytime soon.

Ryan fails to understand the real needs of this country.

He fails to value women and their families.

We cannot allow this man to destroy the American Dream for this country.