Tuesday, August 14, 2012

No Free Parking for the Handicapped in State Run Parks

New Mexico Governor Susana Martinez has a handicapped sister. One has to wonder if she keeps the poor woman locked up in a back room some place. Martinez has never appeared very sympatric toward the handicapped in this state. Her state policies reduce funding for care and access. As one state park ranger put it “that is how we make money.”

President Obama and the first lady support getting people to visit national parks. The national park system has the Golden Access Pass for the elderly and the handicapped that reduce some rates and does away completely with others.

Because of limited mobility, handicapped individuals see handicapped parking as a end to pain and torture at the end of a visit to a park. Handicapped individuals still need to get out and enjoy the world but it is not always easy. Close proximity access parking can and is often a god send.
State run park in Albuquerque NM
Clearly the state park rangers enforce the important rules.