Thursday, August 30, 2012

Governor Martinez on the National Republican Stage

Now I know that Governor Martinez would never attempt to speak for all New Mexican women. I have yet to meet one single woman who can cover the diversity of viewpoints held by the women of this state. New Mexican women have strong views on a number of issues and they do not always agree on one single approach to any issues.

Governor Martinez held great promise when she first ran for her position on the fourth floor in Santa Fe. The pity is that she had completely failed in her first term as governor. She promised to clean up Santa Fe and make government open and honest. Yet we find secret deals being made with lobbyist who have private email accounts.

She promised to improve our children’s educational system. Instead, she allowed Heather Wilson to bring in a woman from Florida who has only made the problem worse. Governor Martinez’s drivers cannot even respect the school zone laws while driving her to visit our schools in this state. If she is going to put our children in harm’s way by running them down with her big SUV, them we do not want her near our schools. What kind of example is her drive sitting for other New Mexicans?

Governor Martinez promised more jobs. Yet, we see that our state is losing jobs while all the other states around us are gaining jobs. She made it her mission to drive the film industry out of our state the very first year of her term in office. She has promoted ghost towns while making our larger cities into economic ghost towns.

Yes, small business owners work very hard to build their businesses and deserve all the support that the federal government can give them. The Republican Party and Governor Martinez have failed in many ways to support small businesses while giving the tax breaks to large corporations. Why has the governor not supported closing loopholes in this state that favor corporations over own homegrown small businesses?

Governor Martinez is a women but she has done nothing to support women in this state. She has done everything to promote male denomination over women. She does not support cultural diversity or fund programs that do support women’s issues in this state.

If anyone should be taking responsibility for their failures that would be Governor Martinez since she has not lived up to her own promises when it comes to New Mexico.