Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Republican Party National Convention – Ann Romney

Ann Romney was right last evening when she said that women have it harder than men do in the United State. We understand that thanks to republican policies of the past that women make less than men for doing the same jobs. The men in the business world simply label the jobs with different job titles. We also understand that electing a republican to the oval office would roll back all of the gains that working women have achieved over the past sixty years.

What Ann Romney does not understand is that the Republican Party’s “War on Women” is not going to get the boy who took her to that dance so many years ago a job in the oval office. What she does not understand is that just because she was willing to have five sons that every woman in this country would also be willing to have large families because of a lack of access to affordable safe birth control.

As a working woman raising a teenage daughter, I just have never been able to understand why some women want to have every detail of their lives controlled by a husband or for that matter the federal government. In my marriage, my husband and I were equal partners for life. Yes, there are men in the Democratic Party who respect women and value their views. I hope to find another one someday.

We need a president who values the working women in this country. We need a president that will tap a U.S. Supreme Court candidate who can bring back balance and fairness to the court system. We need a president who can give all Americans healthcare. A president who will protect our parent’s social security checks from privatization and outrages cuts.

What we do not need in the oval office is some rich out-of-touch white man who will cut taxes for the rich while destroying the middle class in this country. A middle class made up mostly of working women.