Friday, August 31, 2012

Republican National Convention and the American Dream

Ladies, we have all had dreams of being the Egyptian Princess to Charles Heston’s Moses, where he takes you into his big strong arms and kisses you passionately. Maybe the damsel in distress that Dirty Harry saves a he drives into a crowded area guns a blazing. Alternatively, maybe that charming cowboy who rides up on his big white horse with the white hat like Ronald Reagan. You know the cowboy who sweeps you off your feet as you rap your arms around his waist and then the two of you ride off into the sunset.

Do not all movie fantasies start that way? The problem is that the Republican Party is not offering the American Dream but our worst nightmare. Most horror films start out with the fantasy but quickly become something else entirely.

The cowboy with the white hat turns out to be from Brokeback Mountain and after two children and a large home mortgage; he rides off with his new boyfriend not even to pay child support. You are left to support parents with no social security and children with only a voucher that does not pay the entire cost for their schooling.

While waking up from your dream Moses turns out to be a rapist, nine months later after you are forced to carry his child; the vile fiend is demanding join custody of the baby. Of course, there is no morning after pill since all forms of birth control have been outlawed.

Lastly, Dirty Harry is not there to sweep you off your feet. Ronald Reagan made sure that the mentally ill in this country could not be force to stay in a hospital or take their medications. The AK-47 is pointed at you and the young children you have in tow because there is no preschool due to budget cuts. Your parents are too slow to move out of harm’s way because of a lack of good affordable healthcare.

After the shooting is over and your wounded body is laying on the floor bleeding out, the nutcase with the legally purchased guns, thanks to the NRA lobbyists, leans over you to explain that his next stop is your older children’s school. Due to budget cuts and tax cuts for the very rich, the police are few and far between and do not have the firepower that is a right ensured to private gun owners.

Sometimes you feel like the person watching these events unfold on a screen. You are screaming at the people to look around them and see the old man who is talking to the empty chair. See how nuts what he is saying truly is before it is too late. Your are screaming at the voters to vote for the Democrats before the American Dream becomes the American Nightmare.