Friday, August 10, 2012

Heather Wilson too Extremely A National Republican for New Mexico

Heather Wilson wants us to believe that Martin Heinrich is too extreme because he did not support the Keystone Pipeline. A pipeline that would not have brought one single job to New Mexico. A pipeline that would have possibly taken away jobs in our southern oil fields.

Why is Wilson not promoting the building of a clean new oil refinery in the southern part of New Mexico. A solar powered clean refinery would lower gas prices in this state and produce five thousand jobs right here in New Mexico. Wilson’s hand picked state administration is too busy rising the cost of construction and putting construction workers out of jobs to promote job creating businesses in this state.

Wilson is too busy supporting other states and other countries to be bothered with creating jobs in New Mexico. Tell Wilson and her state administration that we don’t need anymore ghost towns in this state.

Martin Heinrich is the one who has been running employment events to connect employees with employers in this state. He has been the one to protect teacher's, police's and firefighter's jobs with federal money in this state.

Heather Wilson would cut those funds and increase unemployment in this state if elected. New Mexican’s need a Federal Senator who will protect jobs in this state over those of other more powerful entities.