Wednesday, August 8, 2012

National Night Out in the International District 2012

If there is one place where residents in the city come out in force for National Night Out, it is the International District. They have more than good cause to show the criminal element that they care about their communities. Only a few short years ago the area was renamed from the “War Zone” to its current name.

Last year while driving home from the activities in the park, I stopped at the McDonalds to get my daughter an ice cream. While in the drive through line, my daughter informed me from the backseat that she could see a man with a gun in his belt in the parking lot.

State Senator Tim Keller just extended his district into the troubled area along Gibson and San Mateo. He said that he would be spending some time in the area to see how he could help improve safety for residents.

Senator Keller is running for reelection this year. His opponent is no other  than Shannon Robinson a democrat turned republican after losing his seat because of a drinking problem and a failure to support improvements in the district. Because of former State Senator Robinson negative history with the area, he has not been much of a change for the current state senator. Clearly, the residents of that state senate district want someone is Santa Fe who will fight to improve the area.

Others who showed up were City Councilman Ray Garduño and Bernalillo County Commissioner Maggie Hart Stebbins.

I asked Commissioner Hart Stebbins about jobs and she said that the county commission was working on bring businesses to the county. She also said that the commission was working to improve condition at the county jail.

City Councilman Ray Garduño, who has always been a strong supporter of the International District, was enjoying the evening talking to local residents. His wife as always was by his side.