Friday, August 24, 2012

Why Chose a Woman for the New Mexico State Supreme Court

Many will ask why should we select a woman to run for the State Supreme Court this weekend. Given the fact that all of our candidates are experienced, talented, well educated, and passionate about the law what becomes to one factor that is not the same?

The New Mexico State Supreme Court is made up of five individuals. Four of which are old men. The one woman on the court may retire in the not so distance future. Four men representing all the women in New Mexico and attempting to understand complex legal issues that deal with problems faced everyday by women.

We have managed to put more women on the United States Supreme Court not just because they are women but because they are top in their field women who are as skilled if not more skilled than their male counterparts. The law should not be a male dominated profession in this state.

The top legal job for a lawyer should not be solely male dominated. Women bring a unique perspective on how to apply the New Mexico State Constitution and State Statues when it comes to women’s legal cases that face the court.

All you have to do for a prime example is look at  the news lately. Who would you want defining the term “Rape?” Would you want a man born before 1960 being the one to review a criminal case where the victim was a female rape victim? Could they even begin to understand why the law should be applied more liberally or more limited in such cases.

I am not saying that the male justices are totally lacking in understand but they would benefit from the prospective of more women on the court. Men tend to attempt to dominate when dealing with only one woman in a group discussion. Another woman on the court would provide balance.