Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Liar! Liar! Liar!

When Governor Susana Martinez ran for office, she promised to be a stay at home governor. She said that her attention would be focused on jobs, our children, and our state government. Martinez promised open government, no cigar smoke filled backroom deals. If she had kept her word than there would have been no reason to point out her failings as a first term governor.

She kept her word about not being another Governor Richardson. She has driven off the film industry. She has driven off green energy jobs. She has failed to support small business development. She has failed to support front-line educators. Yes, we can say that she is not Bill Richardson. The unemployment figures are proof of that fact.

Heather Wilson does not get to rewrite history. She did not leave the congress to run for the senate. She left office because of the U.S. Attorney scandal. We did not push for procuration because she agreed to leave office without a fight.

We all knew that it would be a very bad idea to let the corrupt Heather Wilson hand pick Governor Martinez’s administration. The results are backroom deals brought to our attention by emailgate. New Mexico Finance Authority board members who were handpicked by Heather Wilson are now guilty of criminal activity or at the very least incompetence when it comes to a fake audit.

Darren White who was handpicked by Heather Wilson and R.J. Berry is now running the Downs Racine after leading the Albuquerque Police Force. The same police force who now has a reputation of shoot first and asks questions later. The federal government is considering looking into that same police force for excessive use of force.

Why does this all matter because Governor Martinez is supporting Heather Wilson for the Senate Seat? She will be a major speaker at the Republican National Convention where she will try hard to gain money for local republican candidates.

If she does manage to bring back employers that are interested in our state, they will be looking for slave labor. We will be looking at employers who mistreat their employees, the environment and expect support from a republican controlled state legislature.

Now is not the time to give Governor Martinez a pass because she is not running for office herself. The Governor of any state holds a great deal of political power. Let us make sure our governor uses her political power to benefit New Mexicans from both parties. Tell our governor to do her job and stop seeking the national spotlight!