Friday, July 20, 2012

Democratic Party of New Mexico Leadership

At yesterday monthly meeting of the Democratic Party of Bernalillo County, some people were questioning state party leadership when it comes to how Governor Martinez has been treated in respect to inappropriate activities.
The governor has a very high popularity rating despite such problems as:
  • Darren White being approved as general manager of the Downs Racino after resigning from the mayor’s office because of questions of involvement with his wife’s traffic accident. White was very involved in lobbying for the Downs to the governor before the contract for the fairgrounds was settled. 
  •  Emails between the governor’s top campaign official about the Downs 25-year contract before the contract was settled. The governor received large campaign contributions from individuals involved with the contract. 
  •  Request from the governors campaign chief of staff to the educational department that resulted in list being prepared that separated Union from Nonunion teachers and provided their email addresses.
  • Oversight of the NMFA, which is the state’s bank when it comes to capital projects and the bonds that pay for those projects. Fraud in an audit provided to Wall Street and Investors could cost the state’s taxpayers in lawsuits. The state could also face increased interest rates on future capital outlay projects.
If any of these incidents had occurred during Bill Richardson’s time as governor the press and the Republican Party would have been all over it. (Like white on rice) Governor Martinez is getting a friendly pass that keeps her popularity rating high despite her running on a platform of open and honest government.

Where is the State Democratic Party's leadership on these issues? And exactly what does the governor have to do to get their attention?