Monday, March 29, 2010

The Failure of New Mexico Education

While high paid administration of education in this state feel safe knowing that short of total replacement of people like APS President Winston Brooks and UNM President David Schmidly nothing will endanger their outrageous salaries and their unneeded jobs.

Unfortunately the same cannot be said for low paid staff and teachers who work directly with students in this state. For people like Brooks and Schmidly it is not about the education of our children which must take a back seat to protecting a corrupt upper class of administration that has totally failed both New Mexicans and our children over the years.

The news on Friday reported no attempt by these administrations to reduce cost from top levels of administration where fewer cuts would be required for the same amount of dollars saved but instead they are looking at cutting incomes from those that can least afford it, taking needed support systems from our children and harming our local city economy since those same low income individuals would be more likely to spend any income earned while high paid administrators are more likely to bank that same income.

Diane Denish is calling for the deletion of 100 boards and committees in her cost saving for the future and I can see the voting public and parents as being very in favor of such future actions as a way to again be in control of a out of control educational system. Educational administrators are given no reason to put money given to them by the legislator into the classroom since their income is directly linked to a lump sum and not divided out as administration and front line educational funding.

Higher up educational administrators are using funding provided by the state government to lobby legislators to keep the system intact so as to protect their salaries with benefits and therefore nothing and no one is trying to protect our children and the system that was created to educate them in the first place. When will parents and voters a like begin to ask what is wrong with this picture?