Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Veto Food Tax before It is Too Late

The governor is looking at the food tax which is nothing more than a tax on the working poor of New Mexico. While richer individuals who pay less of a percentage of their total earnings in taxes are not asked to bear the pain of supporting programs the poor are always the first to pay because they cannot afford a lobbyist in Santa Fe to fight for their needs.

A food tax will harm low income children in this state by taking food away from them and their parents. How can a civilized society even consider taxing the low income while letting the rich off the hook when the economy is down? Where are the moral values of all those rich republicans when it comes to helping the weakest and most fragile in this state?

Our state’s government has a responsibility to help individuals based on the best results for the most amounts of people and in this state low income far outnumbers the rich.

If the rich want to play less in taxes then maybe they should consider paying their employees a livable wage in the first place so that government would not have to make up the different. They appear to think that they could do a better job than government so why are they not stepping up to the plate and making sure that no worker in this state receives a pay check that does not support themselves and their families.

Data is clear that a huge number of individuals in this state are not paid a salary or wage that meets the basic needs of someone living in our towns and cities. Government would get a lot smaller if it was not forced by greedy rich people to rebalance the amount of wealth in this state. Even colleges and universities refuse to pay individuals a livable wage that would prevent the need to rebalance the amount of wealth in this state.

Simple answer for a way to cut the size of government is for large employers to start acting like small business leaders and pay their workers a wage that did not require the local government to provide services and tax breaks to the working poor in the first place. Maybe the government would be better off requiring that employer’s meet a standard when it comes to employing individuals and providing a livable wage with benefits. Those companies that meet the standard would be required to pay less in taxes while those that do not are required to pay more in taxes. This state should be one of the first to put an end to corporate welfare. Employers should be forced to get real about the amount of profit to expect for any business enterprise.