Monday, March 29, 2010

Unity within the Party

I was at a meeting the other evening where someone spoke up and said that if a person did not agree with the complete and whole party platform as they viewed it that they should just get out. Fairly strong cold words coming for a leader of our party and not the example I wanted to see put forth for either current or future generations.

Diversity can be a good thing because it reminds us that not all people are the same and neither should they be the same. The Party has grown over the last few years because of our willingness to accept diversity and to understand that we do not have to agree on every single issue. We at times must be willing to agree to disagree or the divide will break us apart which would benefit no single person or the party as a whole.

The desire should be a government who treats everyone with respect and social kindness. Ours should be a party which helps the weak and encourages the strong to do better. We should reach out to everyone equally and encourage civil discourse between groups with different options. We are at times a very disorganized group of diverse people who feel strongly on a number of issues and no one should every be forced to agree with anyone single issue just to be able to stay a member of our party in good standing.

Life in general creates diversity and we as a party should enbrace it with hope for a brighter future for all Americans.