Thursday, March 4, 2010

Senator Jeff Bingaman Joins in Call for Reconciliation Vote on the Public Option

From Senator Bingaman

"I have long been a supporter of the public option, and I have voted for it every time it has come before the Senate. I drafted the public option provision in the HELP Committee and co-sponsored the public option amendment in the Finance Committee. If the public option came up for a vote in reconciliation I would vote yes."

Not the strongest endorsement in the history of the senate but it is an endorsement. There are now 34 U.S. Senators calling for a reconciliation vote on the public option which includes both of our New Mexico U.S. Senators.

The demand for a public option is now beginning to be heard in Washington. With health care changes being the center of attention progressives are calling for a vote on the public option which would only require 50 votes plus that of the vice president.