Friday, March 12, 2010

The Time has come to get the Work of the People Done

The American People are fed up with it and now even the U.S. House of Representatives are fed up with the stonewalling that continues to go on in the U.S. Senate. Senator Tom Udall wants the practice of silent filibusters to end so our representatives can get the work of the people done. If a senator objects to a bill then let him or her stand up and speak in public and not hide behind a veil of secrets by using rules designed to protect everyone but the U.S. voting public.

Today Congressman Martin Heinrich joined other congressmen and women to demand action on the bills that would help Americans to get healthcare and stop practices that reward only the rich with tax breaks and failed deregulation of the Wall Street companies and their CEOs.

The letter states:

“The Congress has a choice between the failed policies of the past—tax breaks for the rich, deregulation of Wall Street and letting CEOs control health care—and the change this country truly deserves. If any Senator chooses to filibuster efforts to create jobs, crack down on Wall Street, and fix our broken health care system, then they must make that choice in full view of the American people and commit the time and effort required for such a procedure.”

Let's put our U.S. Senators back to work for the people and demand that the rules for slient filibusters end today.