Monday, March 1, 2010

Special Session Starts Today

Democrats are looking at yet another go round with the republican controlled state senate in Santa Fe today. Word has it that they want a food tax and to tax the poor in this state even more while protecting the richest after all who is the VIPs in this state? Not the voting public that is for sure!

So what should the changes be if a budget would be good for the voters and not rich republicans, red dog democrats (like John A. Smith and Tim Jennings) and lobbyists?

  • No cuts to teachers and support staff earning under $40,000 a year and no cuts to the classrooms for material and supplies. As for Administration who earn more and are out of control have at it. Too often what you hear from legislators is that they cannot control where the budget is cut because they give schools lump sum amounts that never reach the teachers, support staff or the classrooms. Time to fix that problem!
  • No increases to food taxes that would hit hard working families in this state and discourage purchases for small businesses.
  • Let’s talk an increase in personal income taxes for people earning over 250,000 for one and a higher number for married couples.
  • Let’s talk sin taxes on smoking, drinking and junk foods like candy and soda. Kids can live with less candy if parents really want to be honest on this issue. It does not say that you cannot buy candy for your kids but if you pay a little more then maybe you will buy a little less.
  • Close loop holes for large box stores and chain stores that send their tax dollars out of our state. We need to be more supportive of our own local small businesses in this state and the republicans could care less about this valuable resource to our state.

If we were honest then democrats need to understand that the days of not raising taxes are gone with the bull market and will not return anytime in the near future. Tighter controls are going to have to be applied to government administration if we do not want to harm New Mexican Working Families and New Mexico small businesses.

Common sense says that we start the budgeting process earlier and we start asking for written support when the government is asked to spend money on any item. We need to ask college presidents how many VPs do you honestly need and why when the unemployment rate is so high are you paying them outrages salaries in the first place?