Saturday, February 27, 2010

Budget Cuts to the Second District Court

With the Legislature meeting on Monday to deal with a budget shortfall that has been projected to be somewhere between 500 and 600 million with higher projections of as much as 800 million by the Republican Party and the Red Dog Senate Democrats no group or service is safe from the knife or the ax.

The court system like the school system has been hit hard in the past year because both systems are based on services to the voting public which leaves little room for deep cuts without directly harming the two systems ability to provide the services they were designed to deliver. Surely the republicans understand that to cut services during such a difficult economic time will only harm those people who are most vulnerable.

Talking with Second District Court Judge Allen Malott, I was struck by the fact that these types of budget cuts could also harm small business leaders who count on the court system to give them fair and balanced answers to difficult civil legal problems which could harm their businesses. One is left to wonder how republicans could be so hard on the small business communities when they are so valuable to our state’s economy and future growth.

Here is what Judge Allen Malott had to say about those budget cuts and the affect they have had and will have on our local court system.

Here is a little background about the Judge in his own words on his experience and qualifications.

Judge Malott is a very dedicated man who even showed up for work with the pain of a bad back and was willing to take time from his very busy schedule to give this interview so our voting public would be reminded of just how valuable our local court system is to fair and balanced justice for all.