Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Tortilla Tax Unfair to Working Class New Mexicans

The New Mexico state senate lead by democrats who act more like republicans has passed its view of a state budget that would harm the poor while helping the rich in this state.

They are now trying to force that bill through without support of the voters in this state and then they expect to try and get elected in November so that they can widen their control over our already heavily tax burned state but the taxes are only taken from the poor and not the rich.

The tortilla tax would single out Hispanics and Native Americans in this state who are already facing very difficult economic times and who face food shortages every day of their lives. Some have asked what planet dose these state senators live on that they do not understand our basic culture in this state.

Conservative news is warning representatives that the voters will not be happy unless this bill is passed by mid-week. The Republican Party is using scare tactics to force through legislation that can only harm the working poor and benefit the rich republicans in this state.

What state representatives better be careful of is angering their base and finding that they have no support for the left if they pass legislation that harms those supporters. Senators like Jerry Ortiz y Pino are already facing anger from the progressives who see the tortilla tax as being harmful to the very people they went to Santa Fe to represent in the first place.

The good news was that the real progressive senators like Keller, McSorley and Garcia did not vote for or support this tax on the working poor. Even Linda Lopez who supported Tim Jennings at the outset understands that her voters would not support this tax in the first place.