Friday, February 19, 2010

Angry to the Point of Violates

Yesterday we saw an angry individual fly his airplane into an IRS building to express his anger at our government. We run into people every once in a while who are so mad about their personal issues that they are willing to harm innocent people.

Why are we not more frightened by people who are willing to solve their issues through violent acts against others? Why are we not willing to tell people when they need help with their behavior problems? Why does it take someone dying to make Americans face the reality that we need to teach people better anger management skills? Violent behavior is never the answer to solving a problem with other individuals or the government.

It is one thing to encourage people to stand up for their civil rights but quite another to encourage them to harm people in order to get their own way on issues. You can see a crowd mentality when these people get in large groups and spread their anger.

We hear on talk radio everyday individuals encouraging violent acts toward others but it is not just republicans who have a problem with this behavior. I have seen individuals with anger management problems in the Democratic Party and they are scary.

Partisanship has been taken too far in this country and our people are being encouraged to turn on each other in both verbal and physically violent attacks to solve their issues. We should be encouraging civil discord in order to solve difficult social issues. We should be willing to listen to all individuals even if we do not agree with them on issues.

We must first start by respecting the fact that everyone has a right to disagree with our viewpoints and we cannot force them to agree with us simply because we do not like their stand on an issue.