Wednesday, February 10, 2010

What is the Value of the Constitution of the United States?

So often people in this country get so wrapped up in their own personal values and issues that they forgets that our nation is made up of many individuals with different views and different values.

It is very important that we find a way to live with each other without forcing our personal views on the general society. Bipartisanship is something this country has lost the ability to work within and we must find a way to get back to those values if we hope to move our country forward in a new direction.

We as a nation have all agreed to a basic set of rules which we call the Constitution of the United States.

Among the top values are some basic freedoms which include freedom of speech, freedom of religion and freedom of the press. These are all listed in the first Amendment established in 1791.

Special interest groups would have all of these freedoms done away with in order to force people to accept them. They hold us too tightly in their grip and would kill us before they would allow us to fly free.

I am not a member of the Republican Party so I fight to keep my party open to all who would call themselves Democrats. Special interest groups fights to force their values on our general society without regard for anyone else’s values but in the end they must always fail because any law created that would force such changes would simply be unconstitutional.

For special interest groups to use large sums of money to buy advertising space in order to spread their lies and misconceptions is a disservice to the agreed upon rules of our society. Everyone in the voting public must fight to make these groups face the facts that our constitution does not allow their views to be forced on even one member of our society.