Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Albuquerque Tea Party: Wrong Values System at the Wrong Time

Albuquerque Tea Party is a far right wing republican group that represents the worst America has to offer when it comes to our core values. Clearly their values are not the values of Main Street Americans.

They encourage hate and welcome hate groups such as the KKK. I personally have seen members of hate groups at some of their meetings supporting their candidates. They would allow the weakest in our society to fend for themselves without any help or hope of help from our federal government. They would close down public education and make education only for the very rich 1% of individuals in this country.

They support big uncontrolled businesses which would harm Main Street America. If it is up to them and the candidates they support Big Wall Street Corporations would run uncontrolled so that wages would be less than those in third world countries and the environment would become unlivable for our children and our parents. They oppose the cap and trade system that would stop the worst of global warming around the world.

Small businesses would have no hope of competing again huge Wall Street run corporations if the tea party gets it way in this country. Small businesses and individuals would soon see healthcare become unaffordable and people would begin to die from treatable diseases. Parents would be forced to stand by and watch their children die from treatable illness while the very rich took up doctors’ time for unneeded procedures.

The tea party is now reaching out to the uneducated and the undereducated in our city and filling their heads with lies and fears that they over the time of the Bush Administration have help to create in the first place. They color everything as if nothing bad was going on before President Obama was elected.

It will be up to the Democratic Party and Independents to save our state from a future where the tea party manages to kill small businesses and harm our families through their own warped values system.