Friday, February 19, 2010

Healthcare Public Option through Reconciliation

“Senator Michael Bennet just announced a letter to Senator Harry Reid, asking him to pass the public option through reconciliation, which only needs 51 votes in the Senate. 18 other senators have already co-signed it -- and over 100 House Democrats and 300,000 Americans have signed on in support of this strategy”

Statement put out by the Democracy for America Group

At this point Senator Udall has signed on to this letter defending Main Street Americans. I am sad to say that Senator Jeff Bingaman has not yet signed on to this letter and his staff have said that he has no official response on this letter as of yet.

We are all very proud of Senate Udall and his stand on issues that matter to Main Street Americans. As for Senator Bingaman it is high time that he either stands up publicly for the public option or he should stop claiming to support it.