Monday, February 22, 2010

Old Republican Machine Feeds on Its Own Young

Well it looks like the republicans are already on the attack when it comes to their own candidates. Allen Weh is already attacking and misquoting Pete Domenici Jr. Domenici is calling him out on this intentional misrepresentation of the facts.

We have all seen this happen time and again with the Republican Party both nationally and on a state and local level. It is no wonder that the republicans have such a weak showing in our state. I don’t agree with their view of politics but it is a two party system and we as democrats are made stronger by a good Republican Party.

We will watch and see as the republican machine rips apart yet another young candidate. The sad thing about this is that I have been told by friends who know Pete Jr. that he is not such a bad guy once you get to know him. I don’t want to see his as governor but I would not wish the old republican machine on any young person who wants to help run our state.

While democrats encourage and help young people to come up in our party the republicans kill their own young. How sad is that for their party?

Maybe the state’s Republican Party needs its own progressive wing to protect young republicans who want to lead a more positive and bipartisan group into the future. This has worked well for the Democratic Party in our state.

I feel sorry for any young republican and would encourage them to check out the Democratic Party as a way to move our state forward for a more positive and successful future.