Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Howard Dean’s Visit to New Mexico

Howard Dean never ceases to inspire the Democratic Party’s voting public when it comes to supporting our elected officials in this State and across our great nation. He can be credited with helping to turn around the Democratic Party when it comes to getting people of all age groups to get out to vote and to become active in local and national politics.

He strongly suggested that supporters spend at least 15 minutes a day doing something that is related to local politics. He also suggested supporting community causes to develop strong caring relationships with local community leaders. Clearly he and his brother Jim are working hard for the future of our country.

His message for the voting public is to support democratic elected officials because by not doing so you doom this country to republican failed policies. He says that you must hold elected officials to their word and express clearly you discontent so that they get the message that change is what we on Main Street need the most.

If you give up on the party or our elected officials then you are failing in your duty as an American. Today Dr. Dean teamed up the Democratic Party of New Mexico and its leadership to bring his message to local voters while raising funds for our party.

In this video Dr. Dean is speaking to students at UNM