Saturday, February 20, 2010

Great Day for Democrats in Bernalillo County

70% of the delegates showed up for the county convention ready to put democrats in key positions of state government.

Diane Denish lead off the event with strong encouragement to delegates to keep up the hard work.

Ben Lujan was a great speaker as he pointed out all that they had managed to achieve in just one short year while it took Bush eight years to drive our country into the ditch . He said that now the republicans were trying to run away from the scene of the crime. Yet democrats are only two aware of who is to blame for our current economic difficulties.

Martin Heinrich was a strong voice for our county and is supporting the public healthcare option along with lots of green job support for our state’s future. He has two little boys who are counting on their father to provide a good job market for their future and he does not plan on leaving them anything less.

Teague did not show but sent a nice little letter explaining how sorry he was that he could not attend the state’s largest county convention even though he had areas that are under his control in our county.

After the business of adding important issues like support for domestic violence prevention to the platform were voted on by delegates it was time to hear from candidates.

We had judges both district, metro, and appeals court who are all doing a great job and want to continue their important work even with less funding from the state government.

We had a number of candidates for land commissioner with Ray Powell and Sandy Jones being the lead candidates in the field.

We had a number of sheriff candidates all of who are willing to fix the problems left behind by a republican sheriff who did little while women were being killed and buried on the west mesa.

The last to speak were the candidates for Lieutenant Governor. With a field of so many gifted individuals voters will find it hard to pick just one and many would love to have the top three candidates all at the same time but unfortunately we must pick one. Although I have my personal favorite I strongly suggest that the voting public takes their time to get to know each of the candidates so they can see why we are so lucky.

After the convention a number of us went over to the Blackbird on central to listen to Congressman Heinrich speak.