Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Give Us a Break

Who should the voters hold responsible for the budget gridlock in Santa Fe?

Come on give us a break do the republicans in the senate really think that voters do not understand that it is them with a few Red Dog Democrats like Tim Jennings and John A. Smith that are holding up the budget and trying to tax the poor in this state? How stupid do they think the voting public is in this state?

I know don’t answer that because they even charge voters to attend their own pre-primary convention so that their candidates can pay supporters to vote for then when it comes to getting them on the republican side of the ticket. Why any low income individual would waste their time voting for one of those republicans is beyond the capacity of any normal sane person to understand.

The democrats will be holding their pre-primary convention here in Bernalillo County at the convention center downtown on Saturday and it is free and open to any democrat no matter their income level. Maybe a few should show up and explain the value of staple foods to their own state senators that is if they have the nerve to show up in the first place.