Thursday, February 25, 2010

Diane Denish Clear Winner for Governor

Diane Denish has not even started her campaign for governor yet and she already has the lead in the Governor’s Race for 2010. A poll released yesterday by Public Policy Polling has her well in front of everyone on the Republican side with Pete Domenici Jr. being the closest because of his father’s name ID.

Diane Denish is the clear pick when it comes to governor because of her stands on small business, ethics and education in this state. In a time of difficult economic issues facing our state we can ill afford a governor who would harm small businesses, our children and the environment all at the same time.

Democrats should take nothing for granite when it comes to this race because the welfare of our state depends on keeping the governor’s seat in the hands of the Democratic Party. With large money coming into this race from corporations on the side of republicans we will have our fight cut out for us this summer.

Denish has repeatedly said that it would be nuts to want to be governor at a point in history like this because of the higher expectations set for anyone elected and she also says that she is willing and able to meet any goals set by voters in this state. It is only too clear that none of the republicans could possibly come close to fulfilling those expectations in this state.

A native of the southern part of our state she appeals to both the left and the right side of the party. With the right lieutenant governor candidate by her side she should be an unstoppable force during the general election. She will need a team effort by all party members to make sure that corporations do not gain control in our state and drag us down over the next four years. Local busiensses leaders should fight hard in the next few months to prevent corporations from gaining Wall Street control of our state.