Friday, July 11, 2014

American Hatred for Women and Children

You have to wonder how some Americans can so openly display their hate for women and children, while claiming that they are following their Christian beliefs. When did their church teach them to hate thy neighbor? 

You see it in the rulings of the U.S. Supreme Court and the treatment of refugees coming from South America. You see it in their hatred of our President for the color of his skin. You see it in the laws that are coming out of a broken legislative system where the rich are more important than starving children in our own country. You see it when states pass laws to take rights of self-determination away from women rather than promoting resources that would help to prevent the circumstances that cause the actions in the first place. You see it in the growth of the sex slavery trade in this country while people just turn a blind eye. You see it in the way victims of rape and incest are blamed for the crime.

The question is when will the men in our country stop hating the women and children in this country? I am not saying that all men are guilty of this hate. The question is when will good men stand up for the rights that they so freely take for granted?  When will people stop demanding that we spend less on the education of our children, while handing more tax breaks to the top one percent of the richest Americans? When will American men start demanding that women be paid at the same rate as men? These issues should outrage good men and drive them into action as it has the women of this country. 

It all comes down to one word “Respect.”