Tuesday, July 8, 2014

New Mexico Education Political Football

Governor Martinez sees teachers as lazy and not deserving of their current pay. She attacked educators from day 0 of her administration. With new rules coming out of Washington, where even the President of the United States sends his daughters to high priced private school, the job of teaching is about to become even more difficult. We are about to face major teacher shortages. Our poor educational system is going to hit rock bottom because everyone but teachers has control of the system and the classrooms.

Let’s do to the U.S. Supreme Court what has been done to teachers. We can grade them on their rulings and how happy the public is with their jobs. We can cut their budgets to where they don’t have the support staff or supplies to do their jobs. We can pay them below the market for their type of job and tell them to be happy that they have a job. We can give them an administration to answer to that knows nothing about how to practice law. We can tell them that we can send them to any federal court in the country to preside over a case and that they are not allowed to choose their own cases since they work for the government. After all they work for the government and nowhere in their contract does it say that they only work in Washington D.C.

Now let’s take state legislatures who work in districts and tell them that we will move them to other districts as needed since some state legislators are better qualified than others. We will grade them on how well off their districts are and on the unemployment rate in their district. We will survey all the residents in their district and add the results to their overall work performance job grade. Clearly if their district does not create revenue from income taxes they are doing a poor job and should be graded on that factor. We can cut their state reimbursement if they are rated to be doing a poor job. We can demand that they take an expensive certification exam just to become a legislator. Of course they will have to pay for the printing of any bill they introduce into the legislature and any staff that works for them during the legislature.

If we were to grade Governor Martinez on her job performance over the last four years and link her pay to that grade she would be working to payback her income to the State of New Mexico. Governor Martinez would get an F grade for open honest government, job creation, protecting the state’s environment, employee satisfaction, and financial organization and oversight.