Monday, July 7, 2014

The Failure of our Legal System

Last weekend was Independence Day. Our forefathers broke with England and created the U.S. Constitution not for corporations or the top one percent of the richest citizens in this country or for that manner this state but to give equal rights to all Americans. Our forefathers envisioned an open, honest, and fair legal system where everyone was treated justly.

Today we have a court system and a police force that fears average everyday citizens. The Legal System should fear normal Americans because they are failing the citizens in this country. Judges do not have to fear creating an impression of impropriety because they have succeed in behaving in a manner that would curl our forefathers toes.

We have judges and justices that refuse to interact with normal citizens while they spend their evenings at high priced events being told how to rule on cases by the top one percent of the population. Judges cheat on their wives, drink to excess, do drugs, and hire prostitutes. Judges and justices lock themselves away behind doors with cameras. Those doors are guarded by armed guards. The people are not allowed any type of recording device yet lawyers and judges are allowed the same devices.  They lie to the public by blaming the upper courts for these changes while they encourage there development in private. Justices for our higher courts are picked from these individuals who have created a system that produces individuals who feel they should be appointed for life so that they are only answerable to the very rich and powerful.

The police see the judges fear and behave in the same manner by shooting people before they can even be tried for a crime. Everyone is considered guilty and not even given a trial. The few people who give up without a fight and quietly give into the system have no chance of getting an honest hearing because of the view of judges. Judges tell their juries what to think and how to decide cases rather than allowing them to depend on their best judgment.  

The only right remaining to the public is to vote for the lower courts judges. Judges would love nothing more than to deprive voters of even this right. Judges tell their friends that the public is too stupid to be able to make an informed choice. Just one more example of how these individuals place themselves above the people they serve. Judges also take the right to give themselves hefty pay raises for their poor behaviors and even the police force give themselves hefty raises for the number of kills they succeed at every year while the America people simply get poorer.

In the end we are a society without justice for all. We are no longer free but enslaved to the rich through the legal system that was originally created to protect and defend our constitutional rights. We see the poor and the young being imprisoned and killed to increase the wealth of the rich.