Tuesday, July 1, 2014

U.S. Supreme Court’s War on Woman

Justice Samuel Alito made his views most clear yesterday when he stated that women are not people and therefore have no constitutional rights in this country. His view is the one most conservatives take when it comes to a woman’s right to piracy or self-determination. Justice Alito views women as property, which is owned by men.  

Justice Alito sees women as the enemy in a war to control the direction of this country’s future. He must have had a sad childhood to grow up hating women to the extent that he does. Women have to stand up for their rights because men like Alito will always be present in our society. I see no different in Alito’s stand then that of the Taliban, which views women as property to be used and abused. Justice Alito and the other four male justices do women in this country a major disservice with their views.

The only answer to such behavior that was on display yesterday is to vote in such a way that would remove power for the hands of these men. The court has long held the belief that women are second class citizens in this country. The controlling majority of the Supreme Court thinks that they have the responsibility to put corporation’s interest before those of women in this country. We have placed four justices on the court that do not hold their views and in the future if we want a country that protects the rights of our daughters than we had better elect people to the house and senate that hold the same views. So that when the time comes to replace those justices that we do so with a justice that is willing to acknowledge that women are indeed people.

“We the people…”  Have constitutional rights!