Friday, July 25, 2014

Does Saying It Often Enough Make It True?

Well, Governor Martinez is spending big money on commercials telling the world how much teachers in New Mexico love her. Funny most of my coworkers and friends are teachers and they all tell me how much they hate her and her Secretary-Designate  for the Public Education Department. Governor Martinez cannot even get that women confirmed by the state senate because she lacks the required qualifications.

Governor Martinez started her campaign four years ago by saying to her debate staff how over paid teachers were in the first place. How she would cut their pay because they did not work hard. In the last four years she has driven hundreds of teachers out of the field either by retirement or they just resign because of poor working conditions. She has sold our online classes to large out of state companies so that taxpayers will have to pay not only for our children’s education but corporate profits as well. She has found ways to cut funding to higher education all in the name of reform.  

Teachers don’t like it when we graduate students who cannot find a job and end up committing street crimes just to get by in life. We work hard to give our students skills that will get those jobs but without a real opportunity children have to leave the state to find work. Parents don’t want to see their children leaving the state and maybe never coming home. Even more so they don’t want to see their children going to jail for life because of a lack of real work.

Many children are dropping out of school before eight-grade because they cannot pass Martinez’s test. Parents have no where to turn for help because of Martinez’s budget cuts and her selling out mental health services to Arizona companies that don’t understand our children’s problems. Martinez is too busy raising funds for her run for Vice-President to care about our children. She only gives out books to children because it makes for a good photo op. She does not think it through that the money would be better spent on E-readers so that the children could get free books from the library and publishing companies.

Leave it to Governor Martinez to waste taxpayer’s dollars on one time photo op stunts that don’t help our children in the long run. Governor Martinez claims to listen to teachers but fails to hear a word they say about educating our children. 

So the answer is “NO” teachers do not support or even like Governor Martinez. Maybe if we say it often enough she will get the message to stop lying!

Teachers Do Not Support Governor Martinez!