Monday, July 21, 2014

Political Culture of Hate

We see it on the news lately. People are blocking buses with women and children just because they are refugees from another country. Men taking their guns to Target stores just to prove that they can carry them in a public place. Militias are taking guns to the southern border to threaten children refugees who are attempting to cross the border. People holding protest signs in the faces of women outside of abortion clinics. 

Those same people telling women not to kill unborn babies while threatening to kill nurses and doctors. There are parents who call the President of the United States all kinds of hateful names in front of their children because of the color of his skin or where his father came from before he was even born. The conservative right is spreading hate and blaming people who just need help for all kinds of problems in this country.

Now we have teenagers beating and killing homeless people on central. People are beating the homeless, the people who help them, and I am sure it will not be long before the homeless start fighting back even before they are attacked. How long will it be before people start attacking or killing immigrants? Where will the violence end? When does freedom of speech become harmful to our society? We saw a Texas Congressional candidate along with other elected officials harassing a bus full of YMCA children because he mistook them for refugees. To what lengths is this behavior going to encourage young people filled with hate by their parents and political party to attack anyone they disagree with to the point that they will end up killing more people?  

The ability to talk about issues without resorting to violent has become a thing of the past. Party politics has turned into hate groups. Conservative parents are teaching their children to hate people because of their nationality, skin color, sexual orientation, and their social economic status. They are creating a culture of blame. This culture is causing hate crimes.

We must find a way to prevent this from going any further before more people are killed in our city and/or state.