Monday, September 14, 2009

Corpcracy is Coming to America

The right leaning U.S. Supreme Court which supports corporations over the voting public is about to overturn campaign finance laws by an act of judicial activism. With this act they will give huge corporations the same rights as any voter. The problem with this is that corporations were created with the ability to raise large sums of money intended to help them build the company but now corporate CEOs will be able to use that same money to buy political races. Corporations were never given a vote because they are artificial entities run by mere humans who already have a right to vote.

The Huge Drug Corporations will now write the laws that control medications with the changing of this law. The Large Oil Corporations will now write environmental laws. The large right wing media corporations will now write the laws about public broadcasting. Large health insurance corporations will now write our healthcare laws. All of these corporations will join together to write labor laws.

Voters who don’t have the access to huge sums of money will simple not matter to those running for public office and any elected official who does care will be out spent by the large corporations. Unions will be outspent by these large corporations and labor laws will simple vanish into a long forgotten past where what the voters thought was once thought to matter.

Democracy will be replaced by Corpcracy and our government will be run by elected officials who are answerable to corporations. The United States of America will become a country for the corporations, by the corporations and with the corporations.