Friday, September 4, 2009

Democrats are Proud of their Senator from the North

Anyone who has ever met Senator Tom Udall knows what a hard working and honest elected official he is and how much he cares for the core moral issues of the Democratic Party. Look up public servant in the dictionary and you find a picture of U.S. Senator Tom Udall. Raised in a family who dedicated their lives to public service our senator knows when to support issue like the healthcare reform bill that would give all Americans instead of just the rich much needed medical coverage.

Since he was elected to the senate I have not run across a real democrat who disagrees with his stand on any single issue. Lately Senator Udall has been taking a lot of heat from the far right wing nuts because of his stand on healthcare and the public option. Still the Senator has stood his ground and been a leader for the middle class and the working poor of this state and he has been an outspoken champion for this state. With almost half of all New Mexicans not being able to afford healthcare this is not an issue where you can sit on the fence.

Some people are born to be leaders and others simple are forced into the roll because of what they care for and value most in life. Senator Udall had to be dragged out of congress by supporters but once he was in the senate I am sure that not even he could deny how much we needed his present there to support our issues. Democrats are looking forward to many years of service from Senator Udall in the U.S. Senator for this state. Our Northern Senator should know just how proud we are of all his hard work for this state and the children of this state.